Building marketing machines that produce more qualified leads

For B2B SaaS companies that want to grow

Have you ever asked yourself... 

  • “How do I make sure my sales team has enough qualified leads to talk to?” 
  • “Why aren’t more visitors on our website converting to leads?"  
  • “Where can we find more leads?”  

If so, you’re in the right place.  

Aksh Gupta, CEO of Occasion

"The automated marketing system that Sorted has implemented has not only increased our number of leads and the quality, it has also reduced the cost of customer acquisition from $750 to $150."

What is a marketing machine?

Instead of just "doing marketing", the most successful companies have systems in place that line up qualifed buyers, every single day.

The 4 pillars of a marketing machine 

To produce a steady flow of qualified leads, your machine is driven by four pillars:

  • Driving traffic (Paid Traffic, SEO, Email Marketing)
  • Converting traffic to leads 
  • Filtering out the most qualified leads (Marketing Automation)
  • Educating and motivating the rest (Lead Nurturing)

Delivering qualified leads on autopilot 

A marketing machine is a mix of the right offers, acquisition channels, content, conversion-focused copywriting and automation. 

Put these together in the right way, and you get a system that automatically churns out a steady flow of qualified leads.

The story behind Sorted

Hi! We’re Lucas and Philippe - the founders of Sorted. For years, we were the marketing guys at a startup in Amsterdam. 

Our task:  

Supply the sales team with enough qualified leads to support the company’s growth goals.  

It was right around the time that marketing automation and inbound marketing was gaining a foothold. So aside from some experiments with paid acquisition, we started testing out different content pieces and using Hubspot.  

After a journey of lots of ups and downs, we managed to increase the number of new leads from 4 to 185 per week. And the best thing was that almost everything was automated. 

Even if we didn't do anything for a week, that automation provided a steady influx of new leads and identified the prospects that were ready to talk to sales. It allowed us to focus on coming up with new ideas and campaigns to add more leads on top of that.

Feeling like we delivered on the challenge, we wanted to help more companies achieve the same thing:

An automated machine that can reliably produce results.  

And Sorted was born.

Now, together with our team, we help entrepreneurs like you that have great products, but that need some help with their marketing. 

So if your business is struggling to find more qualified leads for your salesteam to talk to, maybe we can help out. 

Talk soon, 

Lucas & Philippe

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